Spa Day Packages

Spa Packages for One

Sea Therapy Detox Experience

Allow up to 2.5 hours            $209

Begins with a purification ritual of steam and water. First, detoxify in our Eucalyptus Steam Sauna, followed by a re- mineralizing and healing Sea Salt Soak to relax and loosen up your aching muscles and stiff joints. This prepares you for a 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage. Pure delight!

Luscious beauty

Allow up to 3.25 hours             $229

Pamper yourself with a one hour Customized Signature Facial, then continue your beauty ritual in our salon with our Signature Spa Manicure and Pedicure Medley.

Body rejuvenation

Allow up to 2.75 hours     $249

Renew and rejuvenate! Begins with a purifying Steam Sauna, then moves into a detoxifying Body Wrap, followed by a shower off. Next, enjoy a one hour full body Absolute Relaxation Massage, finishing with a Mini Organic Facial.

coastal Escape

Allow up to 2.75 hours     $259

Begins with a 45 minute Targeted Massage of your back, neck and shoulders, flowing into a beautiful Organic Escape Signature Facial. This package finishes with our Signature Grounding Spa Pedicure. Escape and unwind!

Wellness Retreat

Allow up to 3.75 hours   $319

Your journey to wellness begins with a relaxing Steam Sauna, followed with nearly two hours of full body Absolute Relaxation Massage. Your retreat continues with a 1 hour Organic Signature Facial and finishes with a foot scrub and massage. The ultimate relaxation day for your body, from head to toe!

Spa Day Packages for Two

Please note, our tubs are soaker tub style. Packages for Two are priced for two people sharing a tub. There is an extra fee, if you request separate tubs.

You may wish to melt away your pain by upgrading your soak to CBD infused epsom salts for an extra $15 per tub.

Coastal Bliss for Two

1.75 hours      $160 per person

Immerse yourselves into a detoxifying and re-mineralizing Aromatherapy Salt Soak and then flow into your 60 minute Absolute Relaxation Massages for Two.

Spa Escape for Two

2.5 hours       $225 per person

Sink into your healing and detoxifying salt soak and then it’s time for your 90 minute Absolute Relaxation Massage. This treatment finishes with a Mini Organic Facial for two.

West Coast Spa Journey for Two

2.75 hours       $250 per person

Start your spa journey with a detoxifying Steam Sauna, moving into your 45 minute Elevate Targeted Massages, focused on the back, neck and shoulders, followed by one hour Customized Organic Signature Facials, ending with foot massages for two.