Hair Removal +Tinting Services

Have you been sugared yet?

If you're looking for hair-free skin but can't bear the thought of waxing, allow us to introduce you to an alternative hair removal treatment. Sugaring is a simpler, less painful and safer way to remove unwanted body hair. Sugaring doesn’t stick to skin, it only binds to the hair, whereas wax pulls your skin and can be painful. This makes sugaring a better option if you have sensitive skin, because it causes less irritation. Sugaring paste is all natural, dissolves easily and is water soluble, making for an easy clean up.

waxing & hair removal

Cheeks                     $15

Chin                         $15

Upper Lip                $12

Toes/Fingers           $9

Underarms              $22

Half Arms                $29+

Full Arms                 $45+

Half Legs                 $45+

Full Legs                  $65+

Half Back                 $35+

Full Back                  $60+

Bikini                       $39

Half Leg & Bikini     $75

Full Leg & Bikini      $95

Brazilian                  $65+

Derriere                  $38

Stomach                  $30+

Brow                        $20

Lip/Chin/Brow Trio $42

Full Face                  $55

Chest                       $45+

Lashes & Tinting services

Brow Tint                $25

Lash Tint                 $30

Brow & Lash Tint    $42

Lash Lift                  $69

Lash Lift + Lash Tint Combo $89

Brow Wax + Tint Combo       $39